What should I do when the cleaner arrives at my house?

We suggest that, during the initial cleaning session, you and the cleaner discuss any specific requirements for your home. This ensures that the cleaner can incorporate them into their work effectively. 

No need for you to worry! We’re here to free up your time so you can focus on activities you truly enjoy, while we handle the cleaning. Just leave the house as it is, and we’ll take care of the rest. If you have specific preferences, feel free to provide a brief introduction to your cleaner, such as indicating where toys should be placed, ensuring you return to a clean home with everything in its designated spot.

Absolutely! We aim to safeguard the environment, prioritizing both your health and ours.

We require a bucket, access to your vacuum cleaner, and a mop handle. If your regular mop has a detachable head, it can be utilized. Please ensure the vacuum cleaner does not have a full bag. All other necessary equipment is provided.

You will receive advance notification in case our cleaner is running late, and we will address the situation in the most suitable manner. Rest assured, the delay will not impact the allotted cleaning time.

Certainly! Nevertheless, we suggest allowing your cleaner a quiet environment to work. You can utilize the time you save for your hobbies, whether you choose to stay at home or spend it elsewhere. The decision is entirely yours!

To modify or cancel your order, kindly reach out to our customer service through email at Ferskify@gmail.com.

Certainly! If you wish to change your cleaner for any reason, please get in touch with our customer service via email at Ferskify@gmail.com. 

Is it okay for me to provide my key to the cleaner?

You can coordinate key arrangements directly with the cleaner using the key receipt form provided by the cleaner. Nevertheless, the key exchange remains a matter solely between you and the cleaner.

We consistently provide a satisfaction guarantee. We request your feedback on the cleaning promptly after its completion. If you are not content with our services, we will promptly reach out to you, and together, we will certainly find a satisfactory solution for the situation.

Our cleaning app is currently under development and will be available soon. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to bring you a top-quality cleaning experience.Stay tuned for updates on its release!

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Jeg har ikke appen ennå, så det kan opplyses at appen er under utvikling og snart er klar.

I don't have the app yet, so it can be stated that the app is currently in development and will be ready soon.