Ferskify Friends

As a valued member of Ferskify, you have the opportunity to share the joy of a 500 kr discount with your friends using your unique referral code. What's more, for every friend you invite, you'll receive 500 kr in Ferskify credits. Spread the love by sharing your code today!

How the Ferskify Friends Program Operates


Invite your friends

Share your invitation link on social media or send it directly to your friends. You can use the Ferskify app to send invites or request your invitation link to be sent to your email by providing it below.


Your buddy books a regular home cleaning

When your friend books a standard home cleaning through your invite, they receive a 500 kr discount, and you, in turn, earn 500 kr in Ferskify credits for each friend you successfully invite



Your friend enjoys a spotless home, you gain a valuable reward, and collectively, we contribute to creating meaningful employment opportunities for cleaners!

Lost your invitation code?

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By utilizing Ferskify conscientious home cleaning service and encouraging your friends to do the same, you play a vital role in generating genuine employment opportunities for hundreds of skilled and dedicated professional cleaners.

We are committed to investing in people.

By choosing Ferskify, you prioritize your cleaner’s well-being just as much as your own – and we appreciate you for it!

Did you know that 70% of our hourly price directly contributes to compensating our cleaners? This includes hourly wages, travel time, sick leave, holiday pay, tax contributions, and insurance for our fantastic cleaners.

Wondering why 20% of our hourly price is allocated to administration? For our cleaners, this covers essential expenses like supplies, work attire, and Norwegian language course materials. The remainder is dedicated to insurance, office space, employee salaries, and benefits such as holiday pay, sick leave, and pension. Additionally, third-party expenses like our Virke membership and Eco-Lighthouse certification are encompassed within this category.

All aspects managed within the app.

The Ferskify app provides the most straightforward method to bring friends into a happier everyday life, offering a generous 500 kr invitation discount. Simply download the app, log in, and begin spreading happiness!

Additionally, within the app, you can engage in conversations with customer care, send cleaning instructions to your cleaner, reschedule cleanings when necessary, and explore various other convenient features.

Check out and download the Ferskify app here. https://ferskify.gogogoods.store/

Investing in time cultivates happiness.

This is a scientifically proven fact: Utilizing a home cleaning service contributes to happiness by relieving the time pressures of busy daily life. Whom could you invite to experience a happier everyday life with your valuable invitation code?

Joyful Cleaners = Satisfied Customers

At Ferskify, our mission is to create the best working environment for cleaners. With over 700 exceptional professional cleaners on our team, we’ve successfully completed more than 400,000 home cleanings. Happy cleaners translate to happy customers, reflected in our impressive average rating of 4.7/5. Not too shabby, wouldn’t you say?

Bring friends aboard through the Freskify app!

Share your invitation links with friends and effortlessly earn credits in the Ferskify app. Easy-peasy!

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Happiness is a clean home.

Fast and effortless order.

Jeg har ikke appen ennå, så det kan opplyses at appen er under utvikling og snart er klar.

I don't have the app yet, so it can be stated that the app is currently in development and will be ready soon.